Done for you websites

Do you have a flagging online business? Wish you could attract more of the ‘right kind’ of customers? What if we told you that Fire Digital can help you increase your traffic and sales as well as your ads and affiliate revenue?

Perhaps you don’t have any kind of web presence and are clueless on how to begin. Well, we can help you there too. Our team can assist you to pull targeted traffic that converts quickly by creating a niche or affiliate website from scratch.

If you have cash to invest, creating an affiliate website can be very profitable immediately by running ads or over time via organic traffic. Buying a readymade website can save you valuable time and effort, whilst protecting your return on investment.

You may want to set up an affiliate website yourself but it’s not that easy, particularly if you don’t hail from a marketing background. It can prove gut-wrenching when you don’t see immediate results. You could spend a lot of money up front for content creation and link building OR you could hire a specialist company like Fire Digital and save cash in the long run.

Our quality content ranks well in Google because we only use skilled SEO writers and we’ll make sure your site is run on premium hosting so it can handle a lot of data and traffic.

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We don’t just fling any old words into your content as many of them are very competitive. Our SEO team will choose the perfect combination of low and high competition keywords to boost your success rate.


We will optimise your affiliate website paying attention to everything from your title tag to your meta description. We’ll add internal links and with some superb editing, we’ll ensure your site is fully optimised for Google.

Quality content

We’re all about quality traffic that converts in a short time. High quality content with good volume helps to rank in Google. We can also help with link building.

Premium web design

User-experience is vital with users making the decision to stay on or leave your site within a few seconds of visiting. Every site we touch will be fully optimised.

Free premium hosting

There’s nothing worse than a website that doesn’t load. No one likes hanging around – we don’t let them. We offer incredibly quick hosting to improve ranking.

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If you’d like more information about buying or setting up an affiliate website, Get in touch now.