Content writing

If you want people to buy your products or services, they need to be convinced by your offering. They want to know your story and how you got to where you are.

You can tell them everything they need to know by the power of words.

We’re not talking any old amateurish effort that’s been flung together. We mean carefully crafted content written by one of our experts here at Fire Digital.

Stand-out web copy not only sells your expertise but how trustworthy your company appears. No one wants to pick their way through uninviting copy riddled with spelling mistakes, terrible phrasing and those apostrophes that are just thrown in for good luck.

What we offer

From blog posts to web copy, TV scripts to white papers, we cover it all and we’re proud to show you what hiring a professional copywriter will achieve.

Website copy

Your landing page is the essence of your business so you’ll need to make sure the wording on it is perfect. Every visitor who comes to your site will read the copy and make a very fast first impression about its quality and whether your brand is trustworthy or not.

Your copy must be clean and concise, as well as being optimised for the best keywords.

This is where Fire Digital comes in. With assistance help from our consultants, your SEO content writer will develop copy designed to be found by search engines. Our team will ensure your site ranks well.

Blog posts

Well-researched and written blog articles are a great way to help brand awareness. Whether it’s a weekly blog post or news article, or a leadership feature, you’ll need content that is optimised for search, because the end result is for your website to rank well.

Our expert content writers – who include former journalists and PR consultants – have extensive knowledge of platforms such as SEM Rush, which helps inform of the keywords we need to use and the topics we need to write about to boost your company’s rankings. This means over time, your content will be seen on page one of google rather than one-hundred.


Want to provide deeper instructional or informative content to your followers? Too much to say in a blog post? eBooks can have pages, tables, pictures and graphics, exactly like a printed book. They can be downloaded to any PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

They can show links or be interactive as well as easily searchable, making them a fantastic way to achieve lead generation and a great method to display engaging, more descriptive content. Fire Digital can provide well-written and designed eBooks which are visually attractive.


Too much data to explain in a blog post? Try telling it visually with an infographic to grab the attention of a social media user. A simple diagram can explains some key but heavy data, so let the graphics take the major role with some clever summarising words to put it all into shape, whether that is bullet points, quick facts or stats.

White papers

This is a great content form if your end game is lead generation. White papers are a fantastic way to deepen engagement making them particularly when it comes to inbound marketing. The ultimate game is for someone to leave their contact details in return for an interesting white paper, so make sure it’s been well-researched and written, with unique examples, crafted by one of our team.

Want to know more?

We offer so much in terms of content writing and we’d love to show you how the right type can benefit your company. If you’d like to get in touch, one of our team will advise.